Sunday, September 9, 2012

Need of values inside an organization

Values within an "Organization". After 4.5 years of work I realize how important this factor, or rather X factor contributes to employee satisfaction. I'm not trying to preach my current employer ( this is purely fiction). 

When I look back I see myself a small kid who has been left alone to cross a national highway ( Indian NH) with continuos movement of traffic. From the Kid's eyes you will think since all the car are driven by humans I have a very good chance of crossing over. But, that's only a fairy tale. You realize this only when you stand right in front of the traffic. 
Corporate life is also something very similar in nature. All the people whom you work with are in constant race with each other. Is there any harm ? Competition is good right ? Absolutely correct. 

The issue comes, when people behind those wheels don't observe traffic rules. They don't have any values and hence the chaos. Possible reason : Well it could be that the folks driving are from distant place and don't belong to the nearby community. They however, can still create havoc. 

Now let's take this example to our corporate lifestyle. We all know the corporate ethics and work culture. But still we somehow don't live up to it. Possible reason, maybe we think it's not my company after all. That's exactly the difference of Values. If we for a moment think it's my company everyone will go that extra mile to help each other. 

I consider start-ups will not have this problem. They have committed people working for a common cause. The moment a startup expands exponentially -> It needs more people who will work for it. Now, all the new people coming from nearby places/organization is what dilutes the commitment/excitement. 

What's the solution ? 

Have values which binds everyone. 
The most difficult part however, is not to define the values but to preach it internally so that every person who comes in understands and observes it. Until he observes it, he can't preach or practice them.
I see loads of B-school in India don't have this as a elective. Probably, we are too profound with the concept of JUGAAD. Probably, an inclusion of Values through JUGAAD will solve the moment of hour. 

Unfortunately, most the companies/organization observes the above 2 :
1) Define Values
2) Preach Values

What however, I haven't seen much is rewarding/praising someone who actually follows them. 
How about a call from CEO to a junior floor assistant, who worked 4 extra shifts to get the work done?
He might have took his time and enjoyed his weekend with his friends. But the junior floor assistant thought instead. It's the reward/praise that will bind him to this practice and attract more folks. 

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